Annabelle and Eve Swimwear and Print meets Gold Coast Swim Fashion Festival 2014

By December 4, 2014 Media No Comments

Annabelle and Eve’s Swimwear and Print range is designed and made on the Gold Coast, Australia.

It is a unique concept that that fuses together holistic healing with textiles.  Each prints’ individuality evolves through the wandering of the mind as it merges together a delightful blend of patterns and colours that are inspired by the beauty of nature and then harmonized with a subtle balance of holistic healing mosaics that help to stimulate and balance the subconscious mind of thoughts of depression, anxiety etc.

Within days of introducing the unique concept behind our prints in November 2014, we are excited to announce that we secured the opportunity to show our swimwear range on the catwalk in the emerging designer category of the Gold Coast Swim Fashion Festival 2014.  It is a great event and platform for all those looking to branch into the Surf and Swimwear Fashion Industry.

Photo by Gold Coast Swim Fashion Festival