Welcome to Annabelle and Eve, where the concept of organic beauty meets designer luxury at affordable prices.

The Annabelle and Eve Swimwear and Print range is a breathtaking range designed on the Gold Coast, Australia. Inspired by the beauty and enchantment that occurs when you trust in the universe and allow your soul the freedom to guide you to your divine life purpose.

Each Swimwear look and Print from the range is designed in-house and blessed with the marvel of Reiki energy. It is a unique concept that  fuses together holistic healing with textiles.  Each prints’ individuality evolves through the wandering of the mind as it merges together a delightful blend of patterns and colours that are inspired by the beauty of nature and then harmonized with a subtle balance of holistic healing mosaics that aim to stimulate and balance the subconscious mind of thoughts of depression, anxiety etc

Created for the wanders of the world who are ready to break free from monotony and Evoke their Soul, Annabelle and Eve aims to inspire you to create a more positive world one Bikini and Print at a time..  It’s not just a brand it’s a lifestyle!

So what are you waiting for?

Don’t wait for the world to change… Be the change you want to see in the world.


Annabelle and Eve


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